We all know truck drivers tend to get typecast.

However, in 2014 Gold Coast photographer Cory Wright wanted to look past that and give people an insight into the lives of those who eat, sleep, work and drive in their trucks, often alone.

He found the people he spoke with were quite approachable and presented an interesting job that becomes a lifestyle with many challenges.

Paying tribute not just to the resilience of truck drivers, but also the family and loved ones they spend extended periods away from, the photos included partners, girlfriends, and sometimes their children with them in the truck cabin.

Cory met with people starting a career, a former pastry chef turned truckie and even veteran drivers who have been hauling for decades.

Everyone has a story to tell; new relationships failed relationships, families that like to come along in the truck, and some who have no choice since they lost their home to the Victoria bushfires.

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