Given the amount of time you spend together, choosing a truck is a lot like choosing a mate, of sorts. Here are a few important tips to help put you on the road to success.

Reducing the “Life-Cycle” Cost

When choosing a truck the biggest consideration is the “Life-Cycle” cost, or total cost incurred during the life of the truck. It’s important to look for features that reduce this cost and increase the time the vehicle is actually making money.

Fuel Economy

To improve fuel economy, choose a model which is aerodynamic and, if needed, a sleeper package which is appropriate for the trailers being hauled, roof fairing, chassis fairings, cab extenders and aerodynamic mirrors. You can also improve fuel economy with a matching set of tyres on all the vehicles being towed, while choosing lighter tare weight components can also reduce the amount of horsepower needed. As a result, you may be able to increase your payload capacity.

Driver Satisfaction

There are some features that are sure to improve life in the cab for everybody. Don’t purchase a truck with inadequate horsepower for the job at hand – you need engine horsepower that meets the task. For long journeys an automated transmission that still gives the driver control in specific situations can reduce the number of gear shifts, and ultimately reduce driver fatigue. The position of driver controls, and the amount of noise buffeting are also important.

Buy what you need

In all, think about what you’ll actually need to get the job done. A big difference in layout figure can mean it’s a lot longer before you actually start making money. Plus, you might find it hard to compete with someone who has spent less.

New vs Used

Even though the price of a second-hand truck is lower than the price of a new one, that doesn’t guarantee it will cost less to run. Did you know stamp duty and interest rates are higher for second hand trucks? Insurance costs may also be higher, depending on the driver’s history. You’re likely to have to pay a larger deposit on a used truck and the servicing costs will increase earlier. On the other hand, a new truck can present a considerably higher cost up-front. Consider the options and find a balance for the individual needs of your business.

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