The livestock transport industry is looking towards the use of stainless steel to build cattle and sheep trailers to extend the life of these transporters.

These animal transporters travel some of Australia’s roughest terrain and clock up millions of kilometres often spending hours on dirt tracks. Along with this the trailers face wear and tear from the actual animals, their waste and constant hosing down.

David Byrne from Wagga Wagga in New South Wales who designs trailers is looking towards stainless steel as the answer, “The point of the material is to combat rust and fatigue and increase the life of the equipment,” he said.

The cost of such trailers will be greater but as Byrne continues “”The big savings will come with less amount of money spent on maintenance and, most importantly, less time off the road having that maintenance done.” Byrne also believes that the high strength stainless still will be a lot lighter.


Ross Fraser of Fraser’s Livestock Transport of Warwick Queensland believed that the initial outlay would be greater but it would provide savings in the long run. Fraser, who runs one of the country’s largest trucking businesses said “”I guess it’ll take a while for us to find out what that advantage is, but given the rust we’ve had in our trailers over the last five or six years – new trailers – we had to do something.”

We look forward to keeping an eye out for these on our roads come March 2016.

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