Argentina is one of the countries with the highest number of traffic accidents in the world. Most of them involve small vehicles overtaking larger trailer trucks. With the many advanced technologies available in the transport industry today, you would think that these accidents can be easily prevented.

Well, now they can — thanks to the new Samsung Safety Truck, a product of Samsung Electronics Argentina, in partnership with Leo Burnett Argentina, Ingematica, Helvetica SA, and Volvo Trucks Argentina.

This awesome piece of truck technology is also the result of Samsung’s dedication to improve and save lives through constant innovation.

“Samsung is always looking for opportunities to apply technology in innovative ways to improve people’s lives. Leveraging our experience as the world leader in display technology, along with Leo Burnett, we came up with the idea of the Samsung Safety Truck, an invention that we believe will change the history of road safety,” said Sang Jik Lee, President of Samsung Electronics Argentina.

The Samsung Safety Truck

What features make this latest innovation from Samsung the safest truck in the market today? The Samsung Safety Truck is a Volvo Truck FH that utilises two high-resolution cameras in the front to capture the road situation ahead.

The video is transmitted by the specially designed Ingematica software to the four large Samsung OH46D exterior monitors on the truck’s back end. It will allow the drivers of the tailing vehicles to see the view ahead and check for oncoming vehicles or crossing animals before opting to overtake the safety truck.

The Samsung monitors are IP56 certified to be dustproof, waterproof, and highly durable even during the most challenging weather conditions on the road. This will ensure that the drivers can make an informed decision at any given time to avoid accidents. Also, the two cameras have night vision capability that will guarantee the safety of motorists even at nighttime.

This new technology impressed many organisations around the world, making Samsung Safety Truck a recipient of some prestigious awards including Time Magazine’s 25 Best Innovations of 2015, gold and silver awards from Cannes Lion 2015, and five more recognitions from Clio Awards.

What’s next for this safety truck?

The prototype of the Samsung Safety Truck was road-tested for a year from 2015 to 2016. Despite the concern of some people about it being a possible distraction, Samsung confirmed that this new technology works and can be adopted by stakeholders in the trucking industry of Argentina to help save the lives of drivers and passengers alike.

Samsung is now working with concerned non-government organisations and government entities to conduct corresponding tests, get the necessary permits, and make the safety truck compliant to national protocols.

After a successful launch, we can expect more safety trucks driving around Argentina and hopefully, the number of road accidents will significantly decrease in the coming years.

We also hope that the Samsung Safety Truck and other futuristic trucks will be adopted by all countries to help save the lives of many people around the world.

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