In 2016, driverless trucks started to hit the roads when a large mining company successfully used automated haul trucks for operations.

Does this mean that driverless trucks are the future of the transport industry in the country? The Australian Government thinks so.

That’s why a new Office of Future Transport Technologies is being established right now to prepare for the impending arrival of automated trucks and other self-driving vehicles.

Driverless Trucks & Automated Transport Is Just Around The Corner

According to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development Michael McCormack, this development became possible because of the $9.7 million venture by the National Government and the Liberals.

He said that driverless trucks and other automated vehicles will soon be available in the market. The Government, therefore, is being proactive in managing the possible opportunities and challenges within the evolving transport landscape.

The Office of Future Transport Technologies

The purpose of this new office is to create an effective collaboration between the Australian Government and Transport Industry. This will help develop the correct regulations, policies, and infrastructure that will help the country adapt to the future of transport technology.

“Getting Australians home sooner and safer is a core focus of our government and the emergence of automated vehicles represents a significant opportunity to realise safety and productivity benefits while supporting Australian industry and innovation,” McCormick said.

The $9.7 million Office of Future Transport Technologies is also an investment for what McCormick sees as a profitable future for the industry. “The Australian future transport and mobility industry is expected to generate more than $16 billion in revenue by 2025,” he said.

Safer Australian Roads with Driverless Truck Technology

News about the new office circulated after a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the Federal Government and the State of Michigan in the U.S.A., one of the world’s best in road safety technology. The Deputy Prime Minister said that this MoU aims to bring safer roads to the country by utilizing automated vehicles.

“While representing an emerging business opportunity for the national economy, these technologies also have great potential to reduce the $27 billion cost of road crashes in Australia each year. These advances can also help to reduce the significant social impacts that road deaths and injuries have on families and the wider community,” McCormack said.

“Over 90 percent of crashes are estimated to result at least in part from human choices, so the potential benefits from sharing of expertise and experience between our two jurisdictions are enormous. This is just one way the Government is promoting safer vehicles on safer roads, including for our regions where road crashes remain unacceptably high,” McCormick added.

Support from the National Transport Commission

Meanwhile, the NTC announced its support for the new future transport office. Dr. Geoff Allan, the Acting Chief Executive of NTC, said that the establishment Office of Future Transport Technologies shows the importance of new transport technologies to the improvement of Australia’s safety and productivity on the road.

“The NTC looks forward to working with the Office of Future Transport Technologies as we continue to build an end-to-end regulatory system for automated vehicles in Australia,” Dr. Allan said. “The new office shows that the federal government is committed to implementing future transport technologies successfully and responsibly,” he added.

The NTC is currently completing recommendations to transport ministers about safety assurance for driverless trucks and other automated vehicles. It also has a discussion paper open for comment about regulating the access of the government on data created by automated and connected vehicles.

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